The Onsite Remote is a simple, yet comprehensive solution for infield data transfer. It gives users the ability to move Yield, Prescriptions, As-Applied, Planting, Documentation, and any Miscellaneous files to and from the field without respect to the controller type or machine color. Best of all, the solution does not require the purchase of any proprietary hardware or dedicated cellular modems. Everything is accomplished through a mobile application installed on a user’s existing iPhone or iOS Tablet and an iXpand USB device.

How It Works

The Onsite Remote takes advantage of a User’s cellphone or tablet data connection to manage all forms of data transfer to and from the Coordinator. With the aid on an inexpensive iXpand USB, the user can place files onto a controller or collect raw data by sending it into the Coordinator. The only requirement is that the controller have a USB port, which has become the industry standard.

As an example, a user could remove the iXpand from the controller, plug it into his phone, and in a couple clicks, send all As-Applied data into the desired Coordinator folders. He could then browse his prescription folder on the Coordinator and copy his files onto the iXpand. After that, he could save a copy of the PDF prescription maps on his phone for use in the field. Once he plugs the iXpand back into the controller, he is ready to start spraying or spreading. It truly is that simple.

Definitions and Requirements

    Smart Send – Transfers only the necessary Yield, As-Applied, and Planting files from the iXpand to the user’s default Custom Send destinations. This is a one way only transfer.

    Manual Transfer – Send anything anywhere. If you can access it, you can send it. Move files and folders on the device or iXpand into the Coordinator or vice versa. It is like having the Coordinator in the field.

This is for iOS 9.0 and higher. The connecting device must have a lightning port, which is standard on most Apple products. The device must also have a data connection. The controller must have a USB port.

Quick Guide to Using the Smart Send

1. Open the Onsite Remote Application and Login

2. Remove the iXpand from the Controller and insert it into the Phone or Tablet.

3. Once the icon is no longer greyed out, Click Smart Send

4. Choose a Destination Folder

5. Click Send Here

Quick Guide to Manually Moving Data

1. Open the Onsite Remote Application and Login

2. Remove the iXpand from the Controller and insert it into the Phone or Tablet

3. Click Data

4. Browse to the desired Coordinator, Equipment, or iXpand folder

5. Click Select in the top right and then tap the file(s) and/or folder(s) to be transferred

6. Click the Send Arrow in the bottom left

7. Choose a destination folder

8. Click Send Here

Please see attachment for Detailed Walkthrough with Screenshots for Smart Send