• Users with Profile and User Admin access to multiple companies can now access Editor templates for each company within the same window. We’ve added a company dropdown selector to the Templates tab. 


  • We’ve made improvements to the way AGCO Vario-Doc Assets are displayed. Users can now expect to see the asset name on the equipment selector as well as the tractor Vin now displays once the Asset has been selected

  • Improvements to our Sent Queue, users can now double click on line items to get more information and retry sending failed items. Users can also customize the columns that are displayed 

  • The Inbox now has filtering support 


  • Boundary validation now happens when the user attempts to save a boundary rather than while exiting the page. This will keep our users from leaving the log boundary page if boundary is invalid and allow them to fix the boundary at this time. 

  • Enhanced Profile Searching for Companies where QC Pro is the Master for Boundary Management


  • Buckets/Alerts API has been depreciated


  • Updates to our App Store Images

  • Adjusted the bottom of the app to better accommodate the settings and help buttons



  • Resolved an issue with the corrections table UI being out of sync


  • Resolved an issue where users were unable to filter Farmobile files


  • Resolved an issue that was causing the application to crash when clicking on the information message box

  • Resolved an issue with our Operation Previewer Function not loading Datasets

  • Resolved an issue where the iXpand device was not being recognized by the application


  • Fixed a few bugs with the Logged Points displaying incorrectly 

  • Resolved an issue with Multi-polygon Boundaries with exclusions not saving correctly 

  • Resolved an issue where the Target Sample Grid would not cover the entire field when rotated

  • Resolved an issue where the Profile Level above Grower was not showing, if applicable the level above grower now shows

  • Resolved an issue with a sync failure 

Known Issues:

  • Special characters are not allowed in the template name for As-Applied templates

  • Special characters should be avoided when possible when sending files to MJD.  MJD can have issues consuming file names with special characters.

  • When resetting one's password from Outlook, it is possible that Chrome will show that the link has already been used.  In this case, copy and paste the link manually into Chrome, or use a different browser to reset the password.  Outlook and Chrome do not always play nice together.


Upcoming Features & Fixes: