• Registration Page Improvements now allow a user to fully manage their connections. 

  • Users can Add, View, and Delete equipment connections from one user interface.

  • For greater usability partners can now implement the registration page with a white background by using the /api/TelematicsNodeV2/Equipment/EmbeddableRegister endpoint

  • Clients now have the ability to pass a query parameter that specifies the connection type.  This bypasses the registration page and takes users straight to the authentication for the connection. The Connection Type Parameter has been added to the following endpoints;
    • TelematicsNodeV2/equipment/EmbeddableRegister

    • TelematicsNodeV2/equipment/Register


  • Fixed an issue where Farmobile farm nodes in the TelematicsNodeV2/Tree endpoint are marked as FileWrite:True. Farmobile only accepts uploads to their PUC’s.
  • Fixed an issue where download failures with Farmobile files were not sending a notification to the callback_url
  • Resolved an issue with Farmobile exports failing 

Coming Soon:

  • Integration with CNHi systems

Date on Sandbox: 6/1/21

Date on Production: 6/16/21