• Users can now download files from AGCO equipment through the GET/TelematicsNodeV2/{telematicsNodeID}/Files endpoint

  • Example API returns are now listed in the API documentation for the following endpoints; 

    • Api/TelematicsNodeV2/Tree

    • Api/TelematicsNodeV2/{telematicsNodeID}/Files

  • Updates to File Listings- File listings for new equipment connections are run immediately. These file listings can take anywhere from 2-30mins depending on the time of registration.  File listings for existing equipment connections are still run at scheduled intervals. 

  • Created a Notification History Endpoint -The GET TelematicsNodeV2/Notifications/{nodeId}/History endpoint retrieves all enrolled notification history for a single telematics node. Notification history records are deleted after 45 days, so the endpoint won't allow you to query dates older than 45 days ago.



  • Fixed a time out issue when deleting a MyJohnDeere Connection - users will now  receive a return saying your deletion has been queued

  • Updated API documentation to remove Climate specific wording from the TelematicsNode/Field Boundary endpoint since this has recently been updated to include My John Deere as well
  • Updated the registration dropdown to no longer include CNHi equipment as that equipment is not currently supported
  • Fixed an issue where Planting Summary Files were not exporting for Climate 
  • Fixed an issue where registration was failing for Climate
  • Updated the error that returns if attempting to register a Raven connection that does not have any Field Hubs associated with it.