• Users can now select Agfiniti equipment as a source

  • Company admins can now setup Company Wide Workflows from Location Buckets to QC Pro Editor


  • Removed ability to add Climate connections without a company specific key.  
  • Removed ability to use Climate V2.


  • 2021 Folders are setup for Grower buckets


  • Automatic First Pass Edits and Publishing - Company Admins now have the ability to enable automatic first pass edits and publishing. Company admins can setup templates within the admin page (similar to how templates are setup through the Editor Application). The templates can be enabled on a company basis for as-applied, planting and yield data 

  • Split Tool- Users now have the ability to split a segment- by splitting the segment a user can edit, hide or remove a portion of the dataset. Additional details on this tool can be found in the attached document.  



  • Resolved an issue where AGCO equipment to Bucket workflows were not sending


  • Resolved an issue where boundary files were not showing on the import tables

  • Resolved an issue where data on the overview page was not filtering by selected profile correctly

  • Resolved an issue where users were receiving sql error messages on the import tab

  • Resolved an issue on the overview page where selected fields was not displaying fields

  • Resolved an issue where the company name did not fit within the profile selector


  • Resolved an issue with the text spilling out of the boxes while using split view

  • Resolved an issue with Farmlock contracts not displaying properly


  • Resolved an issue with SQL Errors when granting access to a company



  • Rover- Resolved iOS 13 UI bugs

Known Issues:

  • Special characters are not allowed in the template name for As-Applied templates

  • Special characters should be avoided when possible when sending files to MJD.  MJD can have issues consuming file names with special characters.

  • When resetting one's password from Outlook, it is possible that Chrome will show that the link has already been used.  In this case, copy and paste the link manually into Chrome, or use a different browser to reset the password.  Outlook and Chrome do not always play nice together.


Upcoming Features & Fixes:

  • Data Exchange API v2.0

  • Imagery Adapter API V1.1

  • QC Pro - resolve multiple known issues within Editor, Coordinator, Director, Mobile, and Admin.