• Error messages when a file fails to process when being sent into Editor now provide more details to the user.

Telematics/Data Exchange/LDA API

  • Improved documentation for all APIs to improve user experience and overall ease of use.


  • Improved the Outbox functionality in the following areas:
    • Updated UI to make the user experience more pleasant
    • Improved stability
    • Added better error messages
    • Allow the user to retry sending the file if it fails instead of automatically re-sending it. 
  • Added support to Share app to allow a user to send a file from their Cloud bucket to a shared operation.
  • Adjusted Send Here Button for iPhone X and higher
  • Added support in Rover to auto Renumber Target and Sample Points


  • Improved speed with loading buckets.


  • Companies are now grouped by organization to make finding companies easier. 



  • Resolved an issue was preventing users from loading yield datasets.
  • Resolved an issue where the incorrect year was loading when trying to create a manual dataset.


  • Resolved an issue where the table cells were not full width when selecting a bucket from the profile tree. 
  • Resolved an issue where all software targets were being selected when loading a saved workflow instead of ONLY the software targets from the workflow. 


  • Resolved issue where new users were not being granted correct permissions to buckets for a specific grower. 
  • Resolved issue where FDM box was scrunched requiring user to scroll to see the footer.


  • Improved error message test for when a user logs in without the proper Admin permissions.


  • Resolved issue where points were not re-numbering as expected for old target samples. 
  • Resolved issue where application crashed when placing a point on a location. 
  • Resolved issue where a sync would fail if too much time had passed between data collection and sync attempt.
  • Resolved issue where Smart Send to My Mobile Files was not allowing unzipping

Known Issues:

  • Special characters are not allowed in the template name for As-Applied templates

  • Special characters should be avoided when possible when sending files to MJD.  MJD can have issues consuming file names with special characters.
  • When resetting one's password from Outlook, it is possible that Chrome will show that the link has already been used.  In this case, copy and paste the link manually into Chrome, or use a different browser to reset the password.  Outlook and Chrome do not always play nice together.

Upcoming Features & Fixes:

  • Data Exchange API v2.0
  • Imagery Adapter API V1.1
  • QC Pro - resolve multiple known issues within Editor, Coordinator, Director, Mobile, and Admin.