• More granularity is now supported for permissions surrounding Editor/QC Pro Lite.  Users can now have a mix of permissions for companies with and without access to editor.

Telematics/Data Exchange/LDA API

  • Added new documentation for all APIs to improve user experience and overall ease of use.


  • Users can now send files to Climate V4 accounts through the share feature.  This allows users to send to Climate shared operations from cloud buckets. 


  • Users can now only see workflows that they created.  Company Admins will still see all workflows for users under them and will be to see who created a workflow before deleting it. 



  • There was a bug that prevented users from deleting information from the data without a field section.  
  • There was an issue that could cause coverage percentages to display a significantly higher value than the number of points represented.  
  • There was a bug where new companies would throw a 222227 on the Overview page until items were added to the profile.  The error code should not appear for new companies.
  • There was an issue that would prevent the move profile option from appearing on the boundary screen for certain admin users, who should have that ability.  
  • The Send Manager under the export tab was not honoring the single sign on, forcing users to renter their username and password each time. 


  • Items on the dashboard could be clicked while the loading masks were present.  This has been fixed and the loading masks now prevent clicking.


  • There was a bug that allowed admin users to make duplicate workflows that other normal users had already created. Now all duplicate workflows are prevented.


  • There was a display issue on the data admin section that would not allow the bottom edges to line up properly.  


  • It was possible for users to create a situation whereby someone without Admin access could arrive on the Admin screen, but they were unable to make any changes once there. 
  • There was a bug that could cause user api keys to remain active instead of being deactivated when company level access was removed.  
  • There was a bug that prevented users from deleting an API partner if there were any entries in the API partner inbox. 
  • It was rare but possible to create a situation where users could have their access to a particular company removed, but they could still view the location in question.  
  • Users with profile admin access could not move fields.  
  • It was possible for Users with Admin access to remove access for other users above them in the hierarchy.  They can now only affect users at or below their position.
  • There was an issue where normal users would not be removed from the list when Show Stub Users Only was checked. Now only stub users will be displayed.
  • There was a bug that would cause an error message if an admin user removed admin status after first setting the active checkbox to inactive. 


  • There was a bug that caused display issues for Rover users running iOS13.  The sample collection screen appeared to be launched into a popup window.  
  • There was an issue where Rover on iOS13 would not display anything under the settings page.  
  • In the Rover target sample creation screen, it was possible to create a scenario where the grid point location and the sample location would not match.  
  • There was an issue in Mobile that prevented users from making new folders under My Mobile Files. 
  • There was a bug that could cause some users to receive an error message saying Invalid User Key when attempting login.  
  • There was an issue that prevented users from sending multiple files at once from iXpand.  This was corrected.
  • For Rover running on iOS13, there was a bug that prevented users from using the share option for datasets that failed to sync.   

Known Issues:

  • Special characters are not allowed in the template name for As-Applied templates

  • Special characters should be avoided when possible when sending files to MJD.  MJD can have issues consuming file names with special characters.
  • When resetting one's password from Outlook, it is possible that Chrome will show that the link has already been used.  In this case, copy and paste the link manually into Chrome, or use a different browser to reset the password.  Outlook and Chrome do not always play nice together.

Upcoming Features & Fixes:

  • Data Exchange API v2.0
  • Imagery Adapter API V1.1
  • QC Pro - resolve multiple known issues within Editor, Coordinator, Director, Mobile, and Admin.