• Users are now able to perform a post calibration without first editing the datasets.


  • The single Admin checkbox has been replaced with a Profile Admin and User Admin checkbox, allowing even more flexibility in assigning permissions to Admin users. 
  • Users can now use the Enter key to initiate search for profiles or users.

Telematics/Data Exchange/LDA API

  • Added support to allow clients to use their system logins to sign into Onsite, using our SSO platform.
  • Added note support to the LDA, allowing users to enter and edit notes/instructions on the order form.
  • FIA users can now set the size and resolution of their custom images
  • The LDA will now add WTK information inside the comment section of the MODUS file.
  • The FIA now supports multi-polygon boundaries.
  • Added SSO documentation for users interested in setting up Single Sign-On


  • Users can now send data from sources inside mobile directly to a Climate V4 account, just as one would in Coordinator. 
  • Users can now send data from their cloud bucket to connected Raven equipment
  • Farmobile PUCS on Mobile that do not support sending will display, but will now be greyed out, indicating that they are not useable.
  • Onsite Share application now supports sending to My John Deere connected equipment.



  • There was an error that caused a 222225 code to appear when a user attempted to update the UOM on a product. 
  • Confusing ellipsis would display next to profile items that were not editable.  This only affected Non-Master deployments.
  • There was a display issue that affected the position of the publish button for the Soil Sample tab.
  • Users occasionally received a SQL error message when attempting to delete a seasonal boundary.  Users should now be able to delete any boundaries.
  • There was a display issue that would show rate instead of amount in the hover tool tip over the amount section.  The value was correct but the description was inaccurate.
  • Profiles with long names would overflow the profile window. 
  • There was an issue that prevented new samples from associating with the correct fields.  New samples will no longer arrive in the Data Without a Field section when boundaries overlap the datasets.


  • Items that are not accessible by the user will now be greyed out.


  • It was possible to get into a state where the import button would no longer work by rapidly switching between cloud storage and equipment.
  • There was a bug that prevented the search from working for nested folders/files.  This was corrected and the search should now look through all files and folders, not just those previously expanded.  


  • There was a chance that adding a user to certain accounts could result in a SQL error code.
  • A loading mask to alert the user that something was happening would not appear when adding or deleting profile items.  
  • Using a dash in the company name could cause invalidation of the company.  Users can now use the Dash.
  • There was an issue where users with the new Profile Admin access button checked would not received access to the Admin tab. 
  • There was a bug that would cause a SQL error when a Profile admin would select a company they could access, but to which they did not belong.  
  • It was possible to get into a state where an admin user could not remove the access via the Grant Access to Profile button.  

Telematics/Data Exchange/LDA API

  • There was an issue that caused duplicate assets to be created in the background when a user added a new AgBridge account.  
  • There was an issue where expired Deere tokens could cause loops. 


  • There was an issue that would prevent a user from setting the biometric security option for Mobile. This was fixed and one can activate or deactivate the biometric security option.
  • If one attempted to end an email to support inside the Mobile application without an email account setup, nothing would happen.  Now an error message will appear alerting the user that they need to add an email account.
  • The Mobile application was not an option under the share button list inside the photo gallery.  This was corrected and one can now select Mobile as an option from the list.

Known Issues:

  • Special characters are not allowed in the template name for As-Applied templates

  • Special characters should be avoided when possible when sending files to MJD.  MJD can have issues consuming file names with special characters.
  • When resetting one's password from Outlook, it is possible that Chrome will show that the link has already been used.  In this case, copy and paste the link manually into Chrome, or use a different browser to reset the password.  Outlook and Chrome do not always play nice together.

Upcoming Features & Fixes:

  • Data Exchange API v2.0
  • Imagery Adapter API V1.1
  • QC Pro - resolve multiple known issues within Editor, Coordinator, Director, Mobile, and Admin.