The Admin section has been updated to make managing profiles even easier.  Users can now be added under any level of the profile hierarchy.  This helps visually manage user permissions, while not affecting access directly.  Assigning access can be accomplished with greater granularity and control, with cascading permissions.  A user could be granted access to a single farm, a collection of farms, all the way to a whole company, or any combination of growers, locations, dealers or farms.  For a complete guide with screenshots, see the attached PDF.


Quick Guide to Adding Users

Quick Guide to Assigning Permissions

  • Select the profile level under the Company Admin tab where you want to assign permissions
  • Click a Filter Users By option from the dropdown
  • Optional – Use the search if necessary to find the user to be permissioned
  • Assign user or admin access by clicking the corresponding box.
  • Optional – Assign additional access to other Companies, Dealers, Locations, Growers, and/or Farms by repeating steps 7 through 10.  (Keep in mind that permissions cascade down, so assigning at the company level gives access to everything under the whole company while assigning at the grower or farm level will only grant access to the farms and fields under the grower, or the fields under a single farm.)