• Updates to cloud storage configurations - This should create performance improvements.
  • Several seed variety updates were made.
  • The As-Applied section has been updated to allow for crop and year corrections to be made, similar to how these updates are made for Yield and As-Applied.


  • The Director UI has been updated to make the displayed buckets and folders more closely match other areas of QC Pro.
  • Location Admin users now have access to the Director


  • Several improvements were made to the insertion and deletion process to improve Coordinator performance.

Telematics/Data Exchange/LDA API

  • CNH made a change to how they return error messages.  An update was made to handle this new process.



  • When changing the UOM, the hover tool tip was not showing the adjusted total amounts in the segment section.  This was resolved and the hover option shows the adjusted values.
  • There was a bug preventing users from deleting datasets from the Overview tab.   This has been corrected.
  • There was an issue in the Sandbox version of the Editor that prevented users from deleting and/or moving profile items.  This issue was resolved.
  • Climate V4 connections had an issue preventing boundaries from being sent.  This has been resolved, and boundaries should now arrive properly inside the Climate V4 connection.
  • There was an issue that prevented all datasets from displaying when selecting a file.  This was corrected and all datasets should now be displayed.
  • In the boundary section, there were situations where the edit and save buttons would overlap.  This display issue was corrected. 
  • There was a bug with user/profile permissions. This was corrected.
  • There was a bug that would force both the dataset and the boundary outlines to appear when working with orphan datasets.  This was corrected so that only the boundary outline would appear, and not the corrected dataset outlines.
  • There was an issue where a user would be prevented from seeing the boundary tab if they had access to a mix of companies with and without access to the boundary tab.
  • Regular users and QC Lite users were unable to add, rename or delete any growers, farms, or fields.  This was corrected and users can perform these actions to manage their own growers, farms or fields.
  • There was an occasional error that would indicate that selected crops did not match when selecting a single dataset to edit from the Overview screen.  This was corrected.
  • Some Company Admins were not able to add new Grower, Farms, or Fields to the Editor.  This was fixed and they can now add new Growers, Farms, and Fields.


  • There was a bug that prevented users from gaining Admin Access to items that they created inside the Editor.  This was resolved and any items created by a user are accessible to the user for editing.
  • A bug existed that would remove a user's permissions when a single farm was removed from the user's access.  This was corrected, and a user can have specific items removed from the permission set without affecting other permissions.
  • There was a display issue that would remove all items under a company when new items were added, leaving only the most recently added item.  This was corrected.
  • There was a bug that could allow a company admin user with access below the company level to grant or create users with company level access.  This was resolved.
  • An issue existed that would leave the loading mask on the screen when an admin would attempt to remove access for a company to which they had no permissions.
  • There was a display issue that would not allow an admin user to see a newly added company until they refreshed the screen.   This was corrected.
  • An issue existed where some Admins would see a duplicate company in the Admin section.  This issue was resolved.
  • The forgot password button was not working for some users.  This issue was resolved and users should now receive an email when they use the forgot password button.


  • There was an error that would cause some buckets to appear inside the Coordinator but not Mobile, and vice versa.  This was resolved.
  • In certain situations, when moving files from Coordinator to MJD, duplicate copies of the files would be created inside MJD.  This issue was corrected.
  • There was an issue that prevented a user from using a custom send inside mobile, when the custom send in question contained two software destinations.  This was resolved.
  • There was a bug that would prevent a user from adding a contact.  When accepting an invitation, the message would not clear and the contact connection would not be made.  This has been fixed.

Telematics/Data Exchange/LDA API

  • There was an issue that allowed a Mobile user to send data to a location, instead of a valid bucket destination.   The send here button is now only available for valid buckets/folders.
  • There was a bug that prevented users from using the tracking feature of Mobile.  This issue was resolved and location sharing should now function.
  • There was an API issue that prevented Admin users from creating new companies.  This has been corrected.  
  • An issue existed that prevented new accounts with new buckets from generating additional buckets with the same name.  Duplicates are now supported.
  • There was potential for very large files to crash the mobile application when sending from the device to cloud buckets.  This issue has been resolved and large files can be sent without issue.
  • There was a bug that would prevent the Smart Send from locating the Sandisk iXpand drive, even when the user could manually access the device.  This issue was resolved.
  • A bug existed that prevented a user from using some custom sends within the Mobile application.  This issue was corrected.

Known Outstanding Issues

  • On the add bucket popup: the Type dropdown contains duplicate entry for AGI default.
  • On the Admin page, if one performs a search, the user cannot add a new profile item until the search window is cleared.
  • One cannot view or remove an orphaned soil sample dataset.
  • Soil sample datasets are not creating remnants properly.  Points that should be excluded from a partial boundary are occasionally included.
  • In the mobile application, the label generator function needs to be hidden.
  • The Admin search bar does not display the search results requested by the user.  It only greys out items that do not match. 
  • One can add a boundary without first drawing a polygon.
  • The original chemical list is not viewable after a user clears out a blended or tank mix product from the search.
  • There are some datasets that can show elevation in the rate column instead of displaying the correct rate
  • When one right clicks inside the saved activities window, right clicking inside the new activities windows opens a new edit option, displaying both on the screen at the same time.
  • Using extremely long field names can cause the field dropdown to be blank.
  • In mobile, cannot share a photo directly from the IOS photo application because buckets will not appear.
  • The scroll function is not operating properly when the enterprise bucket list is too long under the export page.
  • There are cases where the password reset will not send the email to the user
  • Some of the Advanced Adjustments do not affect datasets in the Editor
  • In rare cases, some Coordinator folders are immune to deletion.
  • When a user transfers over two hundred files from Climate to Coordinator, the loading mask and become stuck.
  • When manually adding As-Applied data, it is possible to edit files names to get into a display issue where the corrected name does not match the original name
  • In rare cases the map on the overview screen will not allow for zooming.