Updated PP2020 reader to skip over corrupted/empty .dat files
Updated MyJohnDeere readers to work around missing metadata.json files
Updated Agronave reader to skip points with invalid coordinates
Added support for QC Pro shapefile exports
Adding better error handling support to John Deere GS4 reader
Added support for Topcon X20 .GDX AsApplied files
Improved Agronave shapefile support when empty .nvg file also present
Adding support to parse ADM data cards
Adding a regex in unzip logic also adding better error handling
Updating LoggedDataSetSplitter to use copy constructor to ensure product information is handled properly
Added additional support for soil files
Updated Topcon X30 CSV reader to resolve rate assignment issue when tanks are skipped
Updated Raven Envizio shp reader to best-guess UOM based on product rates using Raven's logic