• There was an issue with some data not containing any variety/hybrid information and therefore the Corrections panel would not populate an entity to be corrected.  This has been resolved by allowing users to 'add' a new correction entity in the event that the raw data does not contain any variety/hybrid information.
  • On the Export tab, when sending Boundaries to connected John Deere account - the send would fail if the character limit exceeded 45 characters.  This has now been resolved to prompt the user to rename the file to a shorter name if the default file name exceeds 45 characters.
  • When attempting to correct seed names in the Corrections popup, some seed names would be automatically cleared out.  This has been resolved and the seed names no longer clear out.
  • When applying and saving filters against fields/datasets some of these filters were being retained unintentionally when attempting to edit other fields/datasets.  This has been corrected so that the filters will not be retained when switching between fields/datasets.
  • Some As Applied data was being imported into the Editor that caused erroneous errors.  The cause of these errors has been corrected and this data should no longer results in the erroneous errors.
  • There was an issue saving the corrected variety/hybrid for some select Planting datasets.  This has been resolved and the previously failing corrections are now being saved properly.


  • An issue has been resolved that did not allow Company Admins to see buckets under Locations in which they should have access.



  • An enhancement has been made to save some customers multiple steps when sending data to their connected MyJohnDeere accounts.  Users now have the ability to select to send logged data in the ADAPT ADM format.  From the Export tab, select the logged Data Type (As Applied, Planting Yield), select the Adapt ADM Export Type and then Send.

Known Outstanding Issues:

  • Connected John Deere accounts with extremely large file amounts will not load in the QC Pro Coordinator.
  • In the Editor, under the Yield tab; Post Calibration is not being correctly applied.
  • Fields do not always load onto the map in the Editor under the Samples tab.
  • Sometimes when loading datasets/fields into the Editors, the 'heat map' is not always shown in its entirety - in these cases, users have to click Apply for the entire map to display properly.
  • In the Editor, when sending boundaries to connected John Deere accounts: the MJD system does not properly recognize the shapefile.  John Deere is working to support this format from their side.
  • Editor: Previously, when new users were added under a Company in Onsite that had a QC Pro Editor deployment - these users would be required to manually authenticated in order to gain access