Smart Send is the easiest way to transfer data from the field using Onsite Mobile. With one click, Smart Send will compress all the applicable As-Applied, Planting, and/or Yield files and send those data to the predesignated destinations. This document will walk through the creation of the Smart Send.  For a detailed walkthrough with screenshots, please see the attached document.


Custom Send – A predesignated set of destinations for selected files. They can be used in the Coordinator and in the Mobile Application.

Smart Send – A way to compress and send as-applied, planting, and yield data components to any selected destination. The Smart Send feature is found in both Mobile and Messenger applications. It can greatly reduce the sent file size because it only grabs the information necessary for as-applied, planting, and yield and leaves the superfluous information behind.

Smart Send with a default Custom Send – The Easy Button. In one click, the Smart Send compresses the applicable data and sends it to your default Custom Send.

Note: Please see Onsite Mobile - Smart Send and Manual Transfers for directions on the use of the Smart Send in the field.

Quick Guide to Create a Custom Send for Use with Smart Send

1. Navigate to the QC Pro Dashboard and click Coordinator

2. Click Send Setup in the Coordinator menu

3. (1) Click Add or (2) Select an Existing Custom Send and choose Edit

4. Add or modify the name and click the Make Default option (NOTE: Only one custom send can be set to default at a time. The current Default Custom send is the one honored by the Mobile Smart Send)

5. Select the destination or destinations and click Add