Editing yield is an import step to ensure data quality. It can remove outliers, correct moisture issues, shift data points to their actual locations, and make other important adjustments. This document will walk through the basic process of making edits to yield data. It assumes that the user has already loaded data into the coordinator and sent it into the editor. Please see the Advanced Editing for a detailed description of each editor tool and its function.  For a detailed walkthrough with screenshots, please see the attached document.

Quick Guide to Yield Editing Basics

1. Navigate to the QC Pro Dashboard and click Editor

2. On the Overview Screen, select a profile, crop and crop year

3. Select the dataset or datasets to be edited, and then right-click and choose edit

4. Use the Corrections window to change the crop or crop years.

5. Set a Min and Max 

6. Set a Flow Delay

7. Use any other yield tools as needed

8. Click Apply

9. Choose to Save or Save and Publish