• Some planting data files were not including all points when exported, this has now been resolved.
  • In a select number of Editor deployments, files were becoming stuck in the Verifying status when imported.  This has now been resolved and all files that were in the Verifying status are now Complete.
  • On the As Applied tab, when adding a Manual Dataset - the Crop Season was not auto adjusting to the selected application date.  The Crop Season now updates to reflect the selected application date.
  • In the As Applied and Yield Editors, the filters were not clearing when new fields and datasets were loaded.  This has been resolved so when a new field or dataset is loaded after previous filters were specified, the filters are reset.
  • In the As Applied Editor, an incorrect error message was displayed after creating a Tank Mix.  This has been corrected and the invalid error message no longer displays.



  • Profile Move Functionality: Located on the Boundary tab within the QC Pro Editor, functionality has been added to allow Company Admins to move Growers, Farms and Fields within a QC Pro Editor deployment.  Select the Edit option next to the Profile that is desired to be moved and then specify the new Profile in the popup.
  • After hundreds and thousands of files have been sent to an Editor, the Import Activity page would become slow to load.  Pagination has been added to the Import Activity grid to only load 50 files at a time.  Users can then page through the results as needed.
  • In the As Applied Editor, the UOM dropdowns have been updated to include additional units.


  • The Convert feature has been updated to include no GPS and out of boundary rates when converting shapefiles.  The user can specify these rates individually to be included in the resulting converted file.  
  • Integration with the new Climate API authentication method has been implemented (no more sharing keys like the previous authentication methods).  In this new method, users will Share operations within the Climate platform, alleviating the need to connect each Climate account with an Onsite account.

Known Outstanding Issues:

  • In the Editor, templates are not being correctly tied to crops.
  • In the Editor, some Corn silage data is being displayed with an improper UOM.
  • In the Editor, some Variety/Hybrid corrections are not properly saving.
  • In the Editor, files that do not have a Variety/Hybrid in the raw data are unable to be corrected.
  • In the Editor, when attempting to edit remnants - the original dataset is loaded instead of the remnant.
  • In the Coordinator, some files are not being correctly sent.
  • On some white labeled Coordinator apps, files fail to import from the Inbox to a specified Bucket.