• When loading data into an Editor, the user would be presented with an improper error message if the dataset overlapped multiple fields: this error should no longer occur.

  • On the Export tab, when sending a large number of fields to Data Silo - the syncing mask would never clear even after successful syncing of data.  This has been resolved and the syncing mask now disappears after a successful sync.

  • An errant message would occur when selecting to Add Overlapping Fields from the Selected Fields tab - this errant message should no longer occur.

  • For some very select fields, the Overview tab would not show that there was available data - this has been resolved for these select fields.


  • In some cases, users were not able to successfully drag and drop files from their desktop into a cloud Bucket - this has been resolved.


  • In certain parts of the UI, the keyboard would hide the text box being typed in - this has been resolved and the text boxes are no longer covered up by the device keyboard.



  • The seed search has been enhanced to ignore some characters (hyphens and spaces) resulting in a more desired and easier to use search tool.

  • Simplification of the dataset outlines is now performed to improve performance with field matching.

Editor API

  • A new bulk profile call with the addition of a date filter has been added to simplify the returning of profile information with specified date ranges.


  • The all caps (all uppercase) text has been updated to be capital case to make the text easier to read.


  • AGCO equipment can now be monitored for new data in the From: section.  

  • Users can now setup workflows to send to specific machines in the Destination: section instead of top level VarioDoc accounts.

  • Folders with lots of contents would take a long time to load - this has been enhanced and the loading time is now much less.


  • File sending has been made more dynamic - users can now send multiple files unzipped to the iXpand drive, unzip a zip file when sending to the iXpand drive and unzip files on the iXpand drive.  

Known Outstanding Issues:

  • In the Editor, templates are not being correctly tied to crops.
  • In the Editor, some Corn silage data is being displayed with an improper UOM.
  • In the Editor, some files are getting stuck in the Verifying status.
  • In the Editor, some Variety/Hybrid corrections are not properly saving.
  • In the Editor, files that do not have a Variety/Hybrid in the raw data are unable to be corrected.
  • In the Editor, when attempting to edit remnants - the original dataset is loaded instead of the remnant.
  • In the Coordinator, some files are not being correctly sent.
  • On some white labeled Coordinator apps, files fail to import from the Inbox to a specified Bucket.