Before files can be sent to and from My John Deere, a connection must be established in the QC Pro Coordinator. For this type of connection, one only needs the Username and Password for the MJD account. After a connection is established, one can use the Coordinator to send and/or receive any files from MyJohnDeere directly, or even use the QC Pro Director to automatically retrieve all new As-Applied, Planted, or Harvest data.

Quick Guide to My John Deere Connection Setup

1. Navigate to the QC Pro Dashboard

2. Launch the Coordinator from the Dashboard

3. Select the Connections Tab

4. Choose the My Equipment section

5. Click Add

6. Choose MyJohnDeere from the Equipment Type Dropdown, and click the “Click to begin integration with MyJohnDeere” button

7. Once you arrive at the MJD Login site, enter your Username and Password and Click Sign In

8. Click Allow

Please see attached PDF for Screenshots